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Welcome to Luz de Vida Beachfront Vacation Rentals, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Welcome to Luz de Vida Beachfront vacation rentals by owners in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Escape for a tropical vacation
in Costa Rica!
Santa Teresa and Mal Pais
have become world famous destinations for their magical atmosphere, breathtaking wild sand beaches and sunsets.

Santa Teresa is very well known for its consistent surf all year round with waves
from 3 to 10 feet high.

At LDV beach lodge you can enjoy any kind of sport: beach volleybol, pool table, tennis table and the best surf breaks of Santa Teresa in front of our houses for rent.

Mal Pais located at short distance from the hotel offers nice reefs where it is possible to snorkel and practice fishing; also it is a great spot for bird-watching. Playa Hermosa well known for its beauty and wilderness is also a great surfing spot at high tide.


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